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Kappa in 4 simple steps

Using Kappa is easy.

Kappa connects to your existing bank accounts so you can send, receive, and withdraw funds directly. We also support cash deposits at over 400 locations in Cameroon and the CEMAC region.

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step 1

Sign up

Sign up with your email and phone number. We use state-of-the-art, multi-factor security to protect your account.

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step 2

Verify your identity

Enter details about yourself and your business to help us verify your identity.

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step 3

Connect your accounts (optional)

Link your bank account to send, receive and withdraw funds. You can also deposit cash directly in your Kappa wallet at one of our partner locations.

Usage step

step 4

Send and receive

Use Kappa to send money directly to bank accounts in over 48 countries and 38 currencies. You can use the balance in your Kappa wallet, or send directly from your linked account or by making a cash deposit.

Kappa App example

Making fast, reliable payments is just a click away.

Pay and get paid by business partners across the globe, send money fast to loved ones, and transact with higher limits.

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