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Kappa in 4 simple steps

Using Kappa is easy.

Kappa connects to your existing bank accounts so you can send, receive, and withdraw funds in USD and XAF.

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step 1

Sign up

Sign up with your email and phone number. We use state-of-the-art, multi-factor security to protect your account.

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step 2

Verify your identity

Enter details about yourself and your business to help us verify your identity.

Usage step

step 3

Connect your accounts

Link your bank account to start sending and receiving funds.

Usage step

step 4

Send and receive

Use Kappa to send money directly to recipients' wallets or bank accounts.

Kappa App example

Making fast, reliable payments is now a click away.

Pay and get paid more efficiently by business partners, send money fast to loved ones, and transact with higher limits.

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